beauty - 1:23:00 PM

Affordable Cosmetic Brands To Choose From / Vipodozi Vya Being Nafuu Vya Kununua.

Hoping you a all look glamorous as always..let's talk makeup brands kwa Leo.  We all have br...

beauty - 10:22:00 AM

Valentines Day Makeup Look III By Cherie Mals.

Kama wewe ni mpenzi was urembo then you must already know Grace Malikita. .she goes by Cherie Ma...

HEALTH - 10:16:00 AM

Simple Tip Ya Kukusaidia Kupunguza Mwili.

Most of you must know kuwa the biggest part ya Kupunguza mwili ni portion control/kipimo cha ch...

DREADLOCKS - 12:33:00 PM

Dreadlocks Inspiration For Women That Love Color.

Dreadlocks ni a style inayopendwa na watu wengi sana now, we have seen a lot of women go for th...

beauty - 9:15:00 AM

Revlon Yamtangaza Gwen Stefani Kuwa The New Global Brand Ambassador.

  The 47 year old singer Gwen Stefani ametangazwa kuwa the global brand ambassador was Revlon. ...

mani monday - 4:18:00 PM

Mani Monday : Metallic Nails

What's a perfect week without a cute manicure session. .be inspired by these metallic nail a...



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