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Healthy nails should be pinkish in color, flexible, strong and glossy. If your nails are peeling or splitting or have lost heir luster, it may signify some nutritional deficiencies in your diet.

For healthy nails, one must consume a healthy balanced diet that is rich in all essential vitamins and minerals.

You don't have to make drastic changes, but you can make a conscious effort to add nutrient rich foods as a replacement for junk.

Remedies for healthy finger nails

As we age nails become brittle and harsh because natural oils and moisture are reduced. Another reason why nails split and fall are fungal infections. In the absence of a fungal infection, the causes of peeling nails may be:

* Soaking your hands excessively in water or using harsh detergents

* Using nailpolish removers or other nail products that contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or acetone

* A diet deficient in the right nutrients.

You should be getting all of the following nutrients in sufficient quantities as a part of your diet for overall health and for the upkeep of your nails:

* Calcium
* Essential Fatty Acids
* C-Complex vitamins
* Vitamin C and Folic Acid

Some foods for nail health include green leafy vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts, brown rice, eggs, salmon and tuna, soy products and onions.

In addition to diet changes one can take the following measures to keep nails in prime health:

* Don't use your nails as tools to pick open or peel or pry open some thing.

* Whenever you moisturize your hands also rub some lotion into your nails.

* Don't use your fingernails as tools. Using them to open cans or peel off or pick out things can cause them to split.

* Nail polish removers containing acetone may dry nails out. Try not to use nail polish removers more than twice a month.

* When getting a manicure, don't soak your hands in a soapy solution. Plain warm water should be just fine.

* Ideally, just leave your cuticles alone. If you must remove them then push them back gently with an orange stick at home. Doing this at a salon may cause infections.

* While doing household chores that involve getting your hands wet, wear rubber gloves.

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