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Eyeshadow is the great color cosmetic which brings lot of difference to even to the most dull and monotonous face. Even a little eyeshadow can make the eyes noticed. Eyeshadow is that colorful makeup tool which if applied, helps to draw attention to the eyes. Eyeshadow is applied over the eyelids. Apart from bringing attention to your eyes, eyeshadow also brings depth and dimension to eyes by defining a shape.

Choosing the Eyeshadow:

Eyeshadow is that kind of color cosmetic which has greatest range of color associated with it. You name any color it is there in eyeshadow. You can match eyeshadow color with your outfit also.

But it is best to have an eyeshadow color which goes well with your skin tone and you can wear it any time of the day. Still you can wear single color or you can blend two or three different shades which needs little skill and practice. It all depends upon your choice, mood and occasion.

Various kinds of eyeshadow:

Eyeshadow is available in various forms too like cream, powder, gel or pencil form. You can choose any of these according to your choice and liking. Cream eyeshadow has some oil content in them. Cream eyeshadow are easy to apply as they just spread easily but within hours they accumulate in the crease of eyelids. To make it stay longer, you can dust it with little loose translucent powder on it.

Powder eyeshadow is great in impact and application and is recommended for mature skin. For applying powder eyeshadow, you need precision and practice.

Eye shadow is also available with matte and frost effect. Matte eyeshadow looks flat as they tend to absorb the light while frost eyeshadow reflect the light and give dazzling look.

You can get eyeshadow in single shade or in coordinated sets. Some women and makeup artists like to combine the cream and powder eyeshadow to have combined effect.

Choosing the Eyeshadow Shades:

Try to select those eyeshadow shades which suit your skin tone and natural eye color instead of your outfit. For dramatic look, you can match it with your clothing and accessory also.

One of the most basic rules for eyeshadow application which everyone must follow is to apply lighter tone of eyeshadow during the day and for evenings; you can have a little dramatic look by having a bit heavier shades.

Right Way to Apply eyeshadow:

There are many different methods to apply an eyeshadow according to the colors used and the shape created. Let us follow some basic steps to apply eyeshadow.

Start with A shadow Primer:

As we apply makeup on the face, we must create base for its smooth application. In the same way, when you want to apply eyeshadow, you must prepare a good base over the eyelids. It will help in applying perfect eyeshadow and also help eyeshadow to stay longer in original form.

Eyeshadow primer prevents excess oils and moisture to smudge the eyeshadow. Due to priming, eyeshadow do not melt and crease. If your base is good, you will need less of touch ups. Apply eyeshadow primer over the whole eyelid but it should be a thin layer. You can create base by applying foundation also and dusting a little translucent powder over it.

Applying Color:

Choose a light colored eyeshadow and dab the sponge applicator or eyeshadow brush in the eyeshadow. Start applying it from the lash line to the brow line. Now select a medium shade of eyeshadow and apply it, starting from lash line to the crease of the eyelid.

After it apply a matching darker shade at the crease of eyelid, using a small, fine brush. Now blend medium and dark shades applied to create a perfect magical effect. Avoid using fingers to do this; use brush only.

Apply lighter tone of eyeshadow, if you wear glasses for near sightedness because these glasses make your eyes look smaller. Otherwise if you wear glasses for far sightedness, apply natural shades.

Some Useful Tips for Eyeshadow Application:

People with smaller eyes should choose lighter tones to enhance the eye effect as darker tones make the eyes look smaller. To lessen the droopy eye effect, apply color on the outer corner of eyes in the outward and upward movements. If you think, you have applied more eyeshadow than desired, dust a little translucent powder over it.

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