How to Understand the Difference Between Cologne and Perfume

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Wearable scents come in many different strengths. A perfume is not the same as a cologne, although it might smell the same and have the same proportions of essential oils.
Knowing whether the scent that you own is a perfume or a cologne will help you determine the best way to wear it.
Learn the different concentrations of essential oils in perfume, cologne and other types of scents.
Perfume contains the highest concentration of essential oils to alcohol (about 30% by volume). Cologne contains the lowest (about 5% to 8%).
Understand the price differences between perfume and cologne. Because perfume contains more essential oils and is more concentrated, it costs far more than cologne.
Perfume lasts longer than cologne. Because perfume is so highly concentrated, a few drops applied to pulse points and your skin will last for as long as 6 to 8 hours. Cologne needs to be renewed every 2 hours or so.
Apply more cologne than you would perfume. Cologne is designed to be splashed or sprayed on because of its low concentration of essential scent oils.
Because of this, an 8-ounce bottle of cologne will not last as long as a 1-ounce bottle of perfume.

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