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Wearing the right perfume is a difficult task. Some of us find it hard to wear the right type of perfume. For those who find it difficult deciding, here is a simple guide to help you wear the right perfume.

Choosing a perfume:
When choosing the perfume, make sure you like its scent. Do not wear a perfume just because it is ‘in fashion’ or fashion statement of the season. Make sure that the smell fits you and goes with your personality.
Breathe in scents and observe what you fell. Also, avoid wearing cheap perfumes and prefer to use quality perfumes as wearing a perfume defines your personality to others.

It is important to take into account where you are going to wear the perfume. If you are going to work or office prefer wearing light and soft perfumes.
If it’s a date go for lavender, bergamot, cumarine or wood. For an evening occasion, emphasize on luxury


Season is another important factor which decides which perfume to wear. It is recommended that Cyprus perfumes should be worn in the winters.
Experts say to wear sharp woods, heavy notes as it gives a sense of internal heat.
In summer, it is advised to wear flowery and sweet honey perfumes to give feeling of freshness and blossom.

Wearing the right amount:
Expert Psychologist suggest that by wearing same fragrance our sense of smell stops sensing it after some time.
It might feel as if you haven’t worn enough of the perfume. But this is not the case, other’s around us will sense the smell so do not exaggerate and wear a lot of perfume. Wear perfume in the right amount and avoid exaggeration.

Remember this is not the ultimate guide, but will help you a lot in deciding which perfume to wear.

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  1. ni vipi naweza tofautisha perfume ya kike na kiume especially for those not labelled?



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