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Lipstick is known to have been invented in antiquity when semi-precious coffee beans were crushed and applied to the lips and occasionally around the eyes Lipstick started to gain popularity in England the 16th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who made piercing red lips and bright white faces a fashion statement. By that time, lipstick was made from a blend of beeswax and red stains from plants A general consensus amongst the gossipers in the day was the

reason red lipstick became so popular was due to the development of colours that, when applied to the woman's facial lips, it created an illusion and a hint that resembled the sexual organs or sexual lips of a wanton woman anxious for sexual fulfilment. Lips care

Typically when the color red was worn it reminded her lovers of her virility, it could have been used to attract a new lover. This display of similarities of the woman's natural coloured vulva and the natural pink/redness of the labia majoria and vulva of her genitalia was reflected on her facial lips via the application of lipstick.Use a lip brush to apply.
I also love this tip shared by reader Patti Campbell. She scoops out the lipstick remnants from the bottoms of her tubes and she puts them in a pill case, "the one with the days of the week individually capped." She then nukes the pill case until the lipstick melts

Campbell uses a lip brush and enjoys seven new lipsticks.
If you want your lipstick to last, use pencil first as a base. Outline and color in your lips with pencil (nude, if your lipstick shade is light) and slick your lipstick on top.
To avoid lipstick on your teeth, after application, run your index finger through the middle of your lips and pull it back out. The excess will come off on your finger, not your teeth.. A medium lip tone needs browns and roses, while dark lips can wear raisin. If you are very dark and have purple or dark brown lips, go for chocolate and blackberry colours.

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