Proper way to remove makeup

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To properly remove makeup, all you need is a proper cleanser for face and eye makeup remover. The goal is not to rub your face raw and don't forget to wash into the hairline and jawline, especially if you use foundation.
Leaving on makeup longer than necessary can clog pores, especially if it is thick makeup or there is a lot on. Removing makeup as soon as you are finished with it is key to keeping gorgeous skin, especially overnight. However, it can be tricky to make sure all of it is gone.

1. Remove any eye makeup.
Use a gentle makeup remover just for eye makeup.
Regular makeup remover can irritate the eyes.
Make sure you get most, if not all, of any eyeliner and mascara you had on, as well as some eyeshadow.

2. Steam your pores.
Drape a towel over your head and hold it over a sink of hot, steaming water.
This opens your pores and dislodges your makeup easier for cleansing.

3. Remove your lip color.
Apply a small dab of petrolatum jelly to your lips, and gently rub it in with a tissue. Fold in the tissue, and blot the lips.

4. Use a gentle face wash.
Most of your makeup should come off on this stage. Be sure the face wash is gentle and you don't scrub harshly. Your skin has been covered in makeup all day and it needs to breath!

5. Remove any eye makeup that ran while you washed your face.
It's pretty common to see a bit of mascara or eyeliner under your eyes, and very easy to remove with a dampened cotton swab.

6. Close your pores with a splash of cool water.
Rub in some moisturizer to soothe your skin.

7. Pat your face dry with a small terrycloth towel and rub in a light moisturizer.
The rigor of the applying of makeup and removal of makeup can dry out your skin in irritation. Soothe this with a light moisturizer.

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