How To Apply Blusher To Dark Skin

10:31:00 AM

Make-up artist Claire De-Graft shows how to apply blusher to dark skin. This must-see video is a guide to how the professional make-up artists apply blusher properly to dark skin.

Step 1:
* Blusher
* 1 medium sized brush

Step 2: Load the brush
Put a small amount of blusher on the brush by gently dipping it in the blusher and tapping off the excess.
Darker skin tones generally suit deeper shades of blusher. Colours such as reds, wine and orange can look fantastic depending on your particular skin tone.

Claire is using a red shade to suit her skin tone.

Step 3: Apply the blusher

Smile. This reveals the apple of your cheeks making your cheekbones easier to see. Sweep the brush just below your cheekbone going away from your nose.

Step 4: Repeat
Repeat the on the other side of your face. Make sure the blus

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  1. my face color is brown so can i aplly the brown blusher or white please tell me and thanks very much for you blog you tought us but please can you write in swahili our language

  2. Hellow dear hoster, i suppose life is been treating your fairly, i have one question regarding dark sports on the skin do you know any good product i can use to remove them, i have been strugling for a while and i have a bit of sensitive skin,

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