How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

12:28:00 PM

Michelle Obama also wear Fake Lashes

Applying Fake Eyelashes can be a little tricky, don’t give up…You just need a little practice and in no time you will have luscious lashes to bring out your looks.

Things you’ll need

1.Strip lashes
2.Tooth Pick

3.Eyelash adhesive

This is how you do it.

1. Try to have your eye clean of (oils, dirt, makeup)
2. Pre-apply them in your eye to see where do you want them, ‘before you put the adhesive’; the longest end should be applied closest to your nose ‘inner eye’.

Practice; see what way make you feel pretty. If you need to trim them is Ok.

3. Put some adhesive in your fake eyelashes, you could use a tooth pick, give a few seconds to begin to set and apply them along your eyelash line.
4. Try to place them the closest you can to your real lashes to give that natural look.
5. Give it a minute for the glue to dry up.

Ready to Go!

Tip: If you never use this lashes before, try to use them days before the event so you don’t feel uncomfortable and simply get used to them.

NOTE::Hii ni ile ya kuweka MRABA MZIMA....nitawaletea ya kuweka moja moja , endelea kuzuru Bongo urembo urembeke

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