How to Choose Lotion for Oily Skin

12:15:00 PM

Oily skin can be frustrating. Prone to clogged pores and breakouts, it can feel dirty and difficult to manage.
There are a few upsides to having oily skin: this skin type ages less quickly, and today's market offers many options specially formulated for this skin type.
Moisturizing is an especially tricky step in the care for oily skin. Choose a lotion that is best for you.
Understand that oily skin requires special skin products designed to keep pores unclogged. Do not simply use a moisturizing lotion designed for normal skin when your skin is actually oily.
Lotions designed for normal skin often include oils as an ingredient. Use this and you'll do yourself more harm than good.
Don't feel that you must apply a lotion to oily skin. Sometimes young people with oily tendencies do not require a moisturizer at all--only other skin care steps, including thorough cleansing.
If your skin is nearly always oily, you may want to go without using a lotion and see how that affects your skin.
Look for labels that indicate a formula has been specifically made for your oily skin type when purchasing a lotion at a drug store. Some also include acne-preventing ingredients, since oily skin is often prone to breakouts.
Find the word "balancing" on certain lotions created for oily skin. These products balance the oily aspect, keeping skin dry, yet soft.

Stop by a skin care counter, such as in a local mall or department store, and ask a cosmetologist for recommendations when looking for a lotion for your oily skin. They may have a great product in mind for you, or they may give you several samples to try at home.

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