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White eye shadow.

A fresh beauty look for spring.

Sometimes all you need for spring is as beauty look that’s as fresh as the weather is warm. On those days you can forget the heavy black sooty eyeshadow and blood-red lipstick and trade them for the complete opposite: a bright glow of fresh white on the eyes and a burst of pink on the lips.

Here, makeup artist Leonie Karagiannis used a matte white eye shadow and glossy lip colour, though you could add a pencil or eyeshadow with more of a shimmer-factor if you wanted to. The trick is to keep it fresh and clean, though, so nothing too glittery or heavy in texture as it will ruin the effect. Finish the make-up with strong but feminine brows and a rosy glow of blush for a look that’ll work both daytime and evening.

Do It Yourself

Start with a naturally flawless base.
Brush up brows and fill in with matching eyebrow shadow using a fine angle bush in upward strokes. Set with brow gel.
Blend a white pencil along upper mobile lid and then soften by blending with a white eye shadow.
Place white eyeliner along the waterline and continue along lower lash line. Blend and soften edge with a tapered blending brush and white eye shadow.
Finely line upper lash line with black liquid liner to define eyes.
Curl lashes and apply at least 2-3 coats of mascara making sure to separate lashes between coats to avoid clumping.
Apply a hint of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks and highlight the upper planes of the cheek.
Finish the look with a hot pink lip gloss for fresh, understated glamour.

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