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Have You Noticed Queen B's Makeup In Her "Formation" Music Video.

12:00:00 PM

By now nadhani mtakuwa mmeiona video mpya ya Beyonce ya nyimbo yake ya "Formation", it is banging! In the video Beyonce amechange into multiple outfits, and her dance moves as usual, who can do it better than her, ila have any of you noticed her makeup change with every outfit she wore? Hizi ndio face beats za Queen B katika hiyo video yake..

Hapa amepaka makeup kidogo wanaita barely there makeup, amepaka matte, nude lips na nyusi ndio kazikoleza.

Hapa napo ana nude makeup except amepaka bold lipstick..chukua katip hapa kama umevaa outfit ambayo umeiaccessorise kwa sana kama Beyonce ni bora kupaka nude makeup, usije ukawa kituko.

Hapa amepaka very dark lip na glossy smokey eyes, brows on fleek na hiyo contour inafanya her cheekbones pop.

Bold lips are still the "it" lip color and Beyonce proves it in her video, hapa she is wearing a purple bold lipstick.

Hapa everything nude except her eyelids which are pink

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