Anyone Rocking Matte Nails This Week?

7:00:00 AM

I really like the way matte looks, iwe ni rangi ya kucha au lipstick, ina ukavu fulani. Anyways you can rock matte nails in so many colors, kuna wale wanaojua ku mix it up, wanaongeza urembo urembo, art kwenye the first picture napenda how ameweka hayo maua just on the two fingers na sio kote.
The next one amechora a feather and birds, zingine zipo just plain.

 I love how bold matte colors look kuliko bright colors, every one has their own taste i guess.

 Talking about layering finger rings..looove

 Hii ameweka na gold thingys kwa chini, totally something to try out.

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