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I am always rocking the classic red lip..kama sio red basi ni ile dark pink inayoelekea kwenye red..iwe naenda out with friends, dinner date, work or even just chilling my lips are red! kwasababu you can rock a red lip na kitu chochote unachoamua kukivaa.. Who doesn't like the bold, sexy or chic look right

 So apparently there are different reds, how to wear them na when.. I just read an article somewhere and thought of sharing na nyie..
Here are some tips of wearing a red lip::
Matte Red Lips.
Paka matte red lips for your daily looks, matte inakuwa kavu na hai' ni nzuri ukipaka katika mizungiko yako during the day..inakuwa haishine sana but still looks super chic.

Glossy Red Lips.
Lips zinakuwa red but zinan' this kind of red lips kama ukiwa unaenda kwenye event or something. Unaweza ukapata kabisa red lipstick ambayo inashine au kama unayo dry red lipstick basi paka lip gloss/lip shine kwa juu.

Retro Red Lips.
Retro red liops zinakuwa slightly darker, inakuwa sio kavu na pia haishine sana. Paka hii kwa event au hata kwa your everyday routine.

Everyday Red Lips.
Yes Lovers unaweza paka red lipstick every single day kama unataka, paka ukienda kazini, ukitoka out, dinner, to the movies anywhere you want. There is only one trick ambayo you need to follow kama utakuwa unapaka red lip hata kwenye mitoko ya kawaida kama vile kuchill tu na your friends basi paka very light to no makeup.

Dark Red Lip.
Go to the dark side, inakupa this beautiful bold look.

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