Bold & Beautiful Short Hair Inspiration.

1:09:00 PM

The best thing about having a short hair-do is that it lets your outfit stand out, the style kama short bobs, TWA(teeny weeny afro), short curls and so on. 
Try looking at fashionistas with long hair and those with short hair. Utanotice kuwa wale wenye long hair you go straight to look at their hair kwanza..but wenye short hair unaangalia kwanza outfit ..but both look pretty..Anyhow here are short hair inspirations for you..
 Sophia Bush's choppy bob
 sleek bob
 Natural afro
 This is one of the boldest cuts of confidence a woman can get
 20s-style waves
 An ultra-short, geometric bob
  gorgeous pink-tinged locks and this breezy texture.
 vibrant, blue, choppy bob.

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