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Pair Up Your Lady Jay Dee Naamka Tena Concert Outfits With These Stunning Choker Necklaces.

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Naamka tena concert ya Lady Jay Dee itafanyika tarehe 20 this month pale Mlimani City Mall..so I know watu mmeshaanza kuplan your outfits and all that, so why not add up a little spice kwa your outits kwa kuvaa a choker necklace..check these out.

Velvet with Rhinestone heart choker.

 Black lace choker.

 Thin rose gold choker.

 Blue velvet choker with crystal charm.

 Pink suede door knocker choker.

 Waven gold intricate choker.

 Python choker with sparkling crystal horn charm.

 Gold open bar choker.

 Velvet stretchy burgundy choker.

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