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Some Of The Best Beauty Looks From Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet.

3:29:00 PM

Cannes Film Festival 2016, celebrities walishow up looking gorgeous, from their makeup to their attire, but hapa nawaletea some of the best beauty looks from that event. Tukianza na

Jourdan Dunn, look at that liner..and brows on fleek!

Kristen Stewart, love her hair and that bright red lipstick

Bella Hadid, she looks so good with that high sleek pony tail. her look hapa ipo kama ya Kendal kwenye Met Gala.

Amal Clooney, akiwa na wavy hair and bright scarlet lips.

Li Bing Bing

Anna Kendrick

Tatiana Dyagileva

 Naomi Watts

Victoria Beckham

Julia Roberts.

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