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Similar to facial scrubs, body scrubs should be a part of skin care routine. Not only do they slough off dead skin cells, they increase circulation and leave the skin smooth and moisturized.
They are used to prevent ingrown hairs before they happen by opening the pores and allowing hair follicles to freely develop new hairs above the skin's surface.

Homemade body scrubs have one advantage: they can be customized so they provide the best effects. You can change the fragrances by changing the essential oils you add to them.

How to use Salt/Sugar scrub
  • Use them no more than 3-4 times a week.
  • They should be used after you take a shower. This way, the skin is soft and moist, and dead skin cells are removed easier.
  • Depending on the body scrub recipes you are using, each ingredient will have a different effect in addition to the main one which is to exfoliate.
  • The salt scrubs will open the clogged pores and clean them thoroughly.
  • Lemon will act a disinfecting agent preventing and healing any inflammations.
  • The essential oils will penetrate the skin and soothe the deeper layers of it.
  • The best way to exfoliate is to use your fingertips and be gentle with the skin. Massage the body in circular motion, towards the heart to get the circulation going

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