Model Niler Bernard Ameeleza Siri Ya Kutunza Ngozi Yako.

4:30:00 AM

Niler Bernard ni model wa kitanzania ambaye ameweza kushare njia anazopendelea kutumia yeye ili kupata the perfect skin. Kwenye post aliyoandika 8020 8020fashions blog "REVIVING YOUR GLOW" Hiki ndio alichoshare;

Everybody desires a picture perfect skin,a skin that is glowing,flawless and healthy looking.

hasa kwa wakati huu ambapo pollution is more than the population  ni muhimu kuitunza ngozi yako ili kuuweka uhalisia na ubora wake,mng’ao na umwororo wake.
In our BEAUTY category we will be sharing with you different natural ways to help you revive your glow.This natural ingredients,different types of foods and home made remedies like (homemade masks,walnuts,tomatoes,oranges,water,cucumbers) and so many others that you did not know their benefits on your skin health.

they will all help you find your skin radiance and beauty, as they have been carefully tried for over so many years by different women and men who considers the beauty of one’s skin as their first priority
These remedies  will return your lost charm,have you glowing instantly too.
so don’t waste more time wondering how to get your glow,your smile and groove back.


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